Your Unique Style, Made to Measure

Artisanal Process

The manufacture of each of our pieces is the result of hundreds and hundreds of hours of work and experimentation. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of trial and error to reach the quality of our current work.

Each stitch, each cut and each finish is handmade by hand, taking care of every detail and treating each garment with the precision and dedication required so that the result of the transformation is a piece of craftsmanship that you will treasure and wear with pride.

At SA we only work with certified original garments. Each piece we create from them is the result of a passionate creative process, where we combine recycled garments with groundbreaking designs to bring you a truly unique wardrobe.

When you buy one of our pieces you are not just buying a fashion accessory, you are buying a totally unique and unrepeatable piece of craftsmanship.

You are buying something much more valuable than the product itself, you are buying our time and our absolute dedication to each job.

For that reason, our mission as a company is not only to help build a more sustainable and conscious fashion industry, but also to enhance and highlight the value of each piece as the work of craftsmanship that it is.



Our objective is to provide you with a unique experience and to enable you to design exclusive garments.

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